Success Stories

~A business that operates well is harmonious and effective. One of the most important byproducts of operating well is a sense of fulfillment for the owner and employees. ~

"The time Marissa took to throughly research my needs and come up with purposeful solutions was exactly what my I needed to run my business with more ease... I will highly recommend Operate Well to any business owners I know or meet who could use help streamlining their processes."

-Mira L., Music School Director

"I absolutely love working with Marissa on improving the efficiency of Annie's Beauty Supply which is now an ECommerce store. One of my biggest issues was inventory. With her guidance of adding an app on my phone for checking inventory, what a time saver! Then assistance with moving all of my POS contacts to Wix - another major accomplishment for me, and last, adding software for printing my own barcodes so that all items can be scanned. What a life changer! I look forward to continued work in creating the most efficient business possible. "

-Annie, Beauty Supply Manager

"Marissa helped me clarify my workflow: it was like she turned a bright light on in a dark room! We made a ton of progress getting my business dialed in during calls that felt more like a chat with a good friend."

-Maggie, Managing News Editor

Marissa was an integral part of our operational software migration project. She loves data as much we do and took a scientific and empirical approach to helping us sort our options.
She saved us an incredible amount of time and energy that we were able to spend on growing our small business rather than researching, phone calls and mapping.
Marissa is an absolute delight too! She is prompt, professional, diligent, succinct, and does a terrific job of checking in on us to track our progress and keep us on track. We need that!
Our investment in her services was a no-brainer, and we are looking forward to working with her on our next phase of our implementation.

-Brooke, Coworking Space Manager