Technical Comparison Package

The Technical Comparison Package is designed to capture and compare the best software tools that will help your business become more efficient and easy to run.

Types of software applications include customer relationship management (CRM) software, inventory management software, accounting software and project management software.

Additionally, recommendations for integrations between new and existing applications are made.

Streamline Assessment Package

You may be wondering if a business task could be automated or done in a quicker way. Repeated transactions can be especially tedious and are the most ripe for automation opportunities.

The Streamline Package provides an analysis of the workflow of your operations. The outcome is an action plan for a more seamless process that reduces your overall administrative time and effort on a daily basis. Recommendations may include automation tools, database improvements and standardized practices (employee checklist or standard operating procedure).


  • Intake and Review Consultations

  • Initial and Future Systems Workflow Diagram

  • Slide pack with summary of all recommendations

Implementation Services

Once we have established the best course of action for making your business more efficient, it's time to make it happen. Whether the changes your business needs are small or large, Operate Well will create and manage a plan to make those changes happen.

Implementation support may include:

Creation of spreadsheet or report template

Set-up in a system of choice

Integration between software applications

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document for a process

○ Data migration

Technical Coaching


Kickstart Services are available at an hourly rate.

Maintenance Subscription

Once your well-oiled machine is up and running, ongoing support may be required to ensure that everything is working right. Operate Well offers this support in the form of a maintenance subscription. Customized support includes:

Biweekly Check-ins on how your systems are running (accessing applications and reviewing their performance)

➢ Communication with the client regarding any visible issues or concerns

Response to questions regarding use of a program

Individual Consulting Sessions

Consulting Sessions are available for single issues as well as for ongoing support. These sessions are scheduled with specific goals in mind. In addition to an hour-long meeting to provide analysis, monitoring and recommendations, Marissa will complete short follow-up actions to help the client achieve their goal.