Software Solutions

Software Needs Assessment

The Software Needs Assessment is designed to capture and compare the best software tools, including AI, that will help your business become more efficient and easy to run.

Additionally, we make recommendations for integrations between new and existing applications.

Implementation Services

Once we've figured out what a best software tool is for your business, we help make the transition to new software easy.
Our implementation support includes

Working with the software company to address questions and fill in gaps in support

Configuration in the system of choice including data migration

Integration between software applications

Technical coaching for users

Ongoing Monthly Support

Once your well-oiled machine is up and running, ongoing support may be required to ensure that everything is working right.  Operate Well offers this support in the form of a maintenance subscription. Customized support includes:

Biweekly Check-ins on how your systems are running (accessing applications and reviewing their performance).

➢  Communication with the client regarding any visible issues or concerns.

Response to questions regarding use of the software program.

"Marissa was an integral part of our operational software migration project. She loves data as much we do and took a scientific and empirical approach to helping us sort our options.
She saved us an incredible amount of time and energy that we were able to spend on growing our small business rather than researching, phone calls and mapping.
Marissa is an absolute delight too! She is prompt, professional, diligent, succinct, and does a terrific job of checking in on us to track our progress and keep us on track. We need that! Our investment in her services was a no-brainer, and we are looking forward to working with her on our next phase of our implementation. "

-Brooke, Coworking Space Manager