Process Improvement

Understanding your business processes is the first step towards improving them.

Streamline Assessment

Repeated transactions can be especially tedious and are the most ripe for automation opportunities.

The Streamline Assessment provides an analysis of the workflow of your operations. The outcome is an action plan for a more seamless process that reduces your overall administrative time and effort on a daily basis. Recommendations may include automation tools, database improvements and standardized practices (employee checklist or standard operating procedure).


  • Intake and Review Consultations

  • Initial and Future Systems Workflow Diagram

  • Slide pack with summary of all recommendations

Execution Management

Once we have established the best course of action for making your business more efficient, it's time to make it happen. Whether the changes your business needs are small or large, Operate Well will create and manage a plan to make those changes happen.

Implementation support may include:

Set-up in a system of choice

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document for processes

➢ Creation of custom reports to measure performance

Ongoing Efficiency Support

Once your well-oiled machine is up and running, ongoing support to help maintain and measure the efficiency of your organization. Operate Well offers this support in the form of a maintenance subscription. This will entail:

Biweekly check-ins to review measurements of your business' efficiency

Coaching, updates and recommendations for adjustments to your processes and technology

➢ Updates to Standard Operating Procedures and Flow Chart documentation according to changes that occur over time.